Dr. Phil - The Shape Up Plan

The Dr. Phil Shape Up Plan was designed by Dr. Phil McGraw, host of a popular television talk show. The essence of Dr. Phil’s diet plan is behavior modification. Dr. Phil points out that weight gain is a direct result of the particular ways in which we view eating and exercising. Oftentimes, our eating habits are based on emotion. For example, a depressed emotional state can lead to overeating or impulse eating. The Shape Up Plan offers a series of tests that are designed to challenge the thinking behind your eating choices.

Dr. Phil provides seven "Keys to Weight Loss Freedom.” These keys address the changes in behavior that are needed to adopt positive changes in eating habits. First is right thinking. You must first change the way you think about weight. Often, people choose not to change eating habits because they believe that they are already overweight. Other reasons include self-pity and boredom. Thus, the first step is to think about your weight correctly. Obesity is one of the deadliest diseases, but it can be treated with proper adjustments to current behaviors. The next step is "healing feelings,” which involves determining the emotional causes for overeating and resolving to stop them. In this step, you agree to stop self-sabotage and emotional eating. Next, you create a no-fail environment. This means removing easy access to unhealthy foods and eliminating emotions that trigger an emotional eating response. The next step involves mastery over food and impulse eating. Step five requires meal planning. In the sixth step, you design a plan for intentional exercise. Finally, you must be sure to surround yourself with a circle of support. This circle should include people who can keep you accountable for your lifestyle changes.

The Dr. Phil Shape Up Plan focuses primarily on behavior modification, but high fiber foods are recommended. The plan should include foods rich in complex carbohydrates, whole grains, fruits and vegetables balanced with lean protein and healthy fats. The focus in this diet is on changing negative feelings and their resultant behaviors. The part of the plan that involves food is not very specific; however, the recommendations follow the same recommendations of most doctors. Foods that are high in fats and sugars should be avoided. Still, the change in behavior is most important.

The Shape Up Plan involves providing healthy options for eating. Dr. Phil suggests leaving visual clues in the kitchen, such as a bowl of apples on the counter. Step five of the plan is careful meal planning. Again, the important element of this plan is removing the emotional causes for poor eating choices. Regular physical exercise is an important part of the Dr. Phil Shape Up Plan. As with most other parts of the diet, a regular exercise program is a result of modifying the behaviors that prevent you from exercising regularly.

The Dr. Phil Shape Up Plan is designed to change overall behaviors, so ideally, weight management will be a permanent result of the determination of the dieter to maintain healthy weight through proper behaviors.