Lessons Learned

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Tue, 10/10/2006 - 9:42am.

Last night I checked my email.  Got a long email from the folks at diet smart on their little program and how to make it work.  basically, they want you to be accountable to them and send in your food diary (you download that when you get your access) and then you send it in every week for them to review. They also want you to post to their message boards to interact with other members for support.  I guess that will be ok since I can do it in my slippers and robe with my coffee.  They also wanted me to send them my starting weight, 193 lbs, and my target weight so they can put together a meal plan for me.  I also am curious about this snacktime idea, you sign up to get reminders on when to eat.  I am fat, I don't think I need a reminder on when to eat, I eat when I am hungry!

The networking went well and I was able to hand out my resume.  I have one follow up call to make this week, but I will wait until wednesday afternoon. 

I got another sense of accomplishment last night when I registered for the message boards which is one of the steps of the plan.  I also did my strategy guide homework.  Now, this was neat and I liked this one.  I got an 8 page guide on diet tips and strategies in a little workbook that I had to select strategies based on the plan that I can use.  the best strategy for me was the blind arm technique which is where you clear your fridge and cabinets from any fattening foods that are easily reached.  If it is not in my face, I may not eat it.  I thought some were a bit silly, but if they work, then they work.   My goal for this afternoon is to download the book, print it out, and start reading.

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