Another Day in Diet Bootcamp

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Wed, 10/11/2006 - 4:21pm.

It seems the longer I am on this diet, the more I realize that I really was not aware of what I was eating.  I was not conscious at all of how many calories I was eating.  That is my take away this morning as I passed up the drive thru for a mcgriddle.

I read the book yesterday and I really hit home.  my copy has notes written all over it.  The best thing is that each chapter has 2 or 3 tips at the end and a summary, but it is a very quick and easy read.  I really connected with it and the personal story, but here is my summary of a few notes jotted down. The concept of free foods is genius.  Nicky was right on this one, free foods are definetly the way to go to lose weight without being hungry.  Free foods are basically vegetables that are cooked healthy.  If I eat a volume of them I will be too full to eat other crap. The second thing I liked is that it comes down to decisions.  If I eat what I want, then I have to give up some thing later.  If not, I gain weight.  Lastly, it is about calorie awareness and choices.  There are ways to reduce calories, such as modified foods that are like fat free sour cream.  If I choice that instead of regular sour cream, then I save calories.  Do that over and over again, then I am going to lose weight.  The last thing is the scale thing.  I get that now too.  Weigh in the morning, then if I know I am going to get on the scale later, then I am not going to overeat and I will stick to the program.  The book is really common sense with some nice little tricks mixed in.

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