Ready to start

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Fri, 10/13/2006 - 3:32pm.

I finally feel prepared to start my diet.  The difference in this time versus other time is the amount of time in my preparation and how well I have equipped myself for this time.  In the book, it tells me to get a support team.  I have my diet coach Di, who has been really good about making sure that I keep in contact.  I missed sending in some information and she followed up after a day to make sure I get it in.  I have to send in my weekly food diary for her to review, I am pretty sure she is going to stay on me to stay under my calories. Nicky is my other support team member, she can help explain things and help me when I am feeling weak.  I also can call Di at the toll free number, but I am using that as my last resort.


I reviewed my meal plan this morning so it is time to let you in how the diet smart plan works.  You get to eat up to a calorie limit equal to 8 times your body weight.  So, I weigh in at 193 and I get 1600 calories.  Then I get free foods on top of that.  Free foods are vegetables and such.  My day one DSP calorie count for Monday is 1588 but the actual calorie count is 1712.  I can have more free foods than that if I want, so I am heading to the market to get broccoli and cucumbers.  I am going to slice up the cucumbers and have cucumber slices to fill me up.  I caught myself grazing again yesterday, I am really bad about that! 


I got another study guide on Wednesday breaking down the food categories.  I think I will write on that later.  Emily is coming down with a cold.  Great, another thing to have to worry about.

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