Bootcamp over, let's get started

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Sat, 10/14/2006 - 1:55pm.

Emily stayed home yesterday from school, she had the sniffles and a slight fever. I spent most of the day reviewing online want ads. 


On the other hand, I am excited about starting my diet on Monday.  I am confident I can do it.  I got to play with the works version of my food diary to get used to logging all my info in each and every meal.  From what Nicky said, I have to do this every time for the first six weeks and then I can do it mentally as a habit. 


Couple of things to comment on as I have finished my diet boot camp.  First, this program is extremely responsive and supportive.  They have replied quickly to every one of my requests so far, I really wasn’t expecting that, but it was a pleasant surprise.  I can see that they really care about what they do and want me to lose weight.  The second thing I want to add is about the plan itself, I like the ideas that seem to make it work.  I like the calorie counts everyday and then I get as many free foods as I want when I am hungry.    I like how I focus on my weight loss and diet first before trying to start exercising.  I like that I do not have to buy anything other than a kitchen scale.  I like how I can use this plan in my regular life and not have to go crazy.  I like that I get to eat so often (that is genius) and I can have anything I want that I like.  I like the meal plan, it is easy to follow and there isn’t anything that I don’t eat or have a problem with. 


What I don’t like so far: having to weigh in twice a day, having to pay, and too much talk on the message boards on what is healthy and what isn’t. 

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