Day two

Submitted by Janetcooper07 on Tue, 10/17/2006 - 10:32am.

I weighed in at 192 lbs. this morning.  I also have more good news, I am going on a good interview tomorrow morning for a sales trainer at a call center.  Yeah, it isn’t traditional marketing, but I need to find something to re-engage myself.  I got a great motivational email, nice touch! I am supposed to get one each and every day for the next 90 days.  My weight loss total is now 1 lb. from my starting weight, so I have another 47 lbs. to go.  Anyway, here is the recap of my day yesterday.


Breakfast: oatmeal with cinnamon

Midmorning: banana and a protein bar

Lunch: turkey sandwich on lite bread, ½ cup chicken noodle soup, lite chips, pickle, apple

Midday: cucumber slices with pepper

Dinner: stir fry chicken and vegetables (YUM!)

Afterdinner: sugar free chocolate pudding with low fat milk.


Not bad, no real hunger pains and no regret.

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