Taking the easy way out

Submitted by Hillary on Tue, 10/17/2006 - 12:19am.

I was checking out my body in the mirror this weekend, making note of the changes that I made over the past few months and gauging how far I still have to go.  I look so much better than I did; but my body is far from perfect.   And I started wondering, what if I could afford plastic surgery.  I’ve always been very anti plastic surgery for myself – a view that was only reinforced after I saw the suffering my husband went through after he had medically necessary surgery for a deviated septum.  Do that just for vanity?  Nope, I don’t think so. 

But now losing weight is actually a health issue for me.  What if I could magically lose the stubborn little pouch at my stomach…the fat on my arms that disguises the Jennifer Anniston-like muscle definition that I know is lurking underneath…the jiggles on my thighs (which are definitely the area where I still need to lose the most) …and the extra inches on my hips.  Then I could concentrate all my efforts on being as fit as possible, as opposed to working so hard to get thin and fit at the same time. 

Is there any special virtue to sweating it all off slowly and painfully, one pound at a time?  I mean sure, I really like knowing I’ve accomplished something with the hard work I’ve put in to lose weight and get in shape.  But if I won the lottery tomorrow, or the mythical plastic surgery fairy showed up and offered me free liposuction, would I take it?  It’s hard to say for sure, but I don’t think I would.  It still seems like an awful lot to put your body through, and I’m not sure that having fat sucked off my thighs has the same benefit as burning it off does.  Hopefully that burning it off also applies to any fat lingering around and clogging up my arteries as well.

What would you do?