It’s funny

Submitted by Hillary on Wed, 11/22/2006 - 2:39am.

You know what food I miss the most?  Pretzels.  Out of all the foods that I’ve had to limit, pretzels are the ones I think about eating most often.  I think it is because I didn’t eat donuts or cake or potato chips or cheese fries every day, but pretzels were one of my favorite snacks.  However, in m attempts to lower my carb consumption (that’s what we diabetics do – count carbs, not sugar) I’ve moved away from pretzels to snacks like whole grain crackers with string cheese or veggies and hummus. 

It’s funny though, because if you had asked me back when I first learned that I was diabetic, I wouldn’t have come up with pretzels.  They are so simple and ordinary that you don’t think of them as a food you’d ever miss. 

What food do you miss the most?