Losing the Fat with eDiets.com

Submitted by dietgirl on Tue, 03/28/2006 - 7:28pm.

It's my second year out of college, and the  9 to 5 lifestyle has not been the best thing for my weight, or figure. Sunday, I stepped onto the scale to check the damage; 15 extra lbs of fat have been added  to my body in the past two years. It's time for me to change this downward spiral before I am stuck in a life of bad habits, unhealthy dieting and potential self-loathing. 
I needed a plan that would be easy to adapt into my already busy and hectic lifestyle. I wanted to find a diet that would not exclude some of my favorites, like bread and the occasional cookie. The diet program had to be manageable and track-able in a simple and easy way. My diet needed to help me with my cooking - and allow for quick and easy eating solutions that I could incorporate into my lifestyle for the long run. 
To find such a diet - I went to the internet and found ediets.com. Ediets seemed to incorporate everything that I was looking for, and not just a diet change, but a lifestyle change. Ediets.com is simple to understand. The website helped to design the perfect weight loss plan around my goals, my needs and my health concerns. Every meal is planned out for me in a way that is easy to access and easy to understand. I can even peek at what's for dinner online during work. I simply read my meals for the week, print out the grocery list and recipes and feel good that I am on track to loss the weight.
I signed up with ediets.com on Sunday night. Weighing in at 154 lbs I was just barely below the BMI category "overweight". My goals, which ediets.com helped to design allows me to eat 1200 - 1300 calories per day. And I really think I can do it with the great menu variety the website offers. The adventure towards a healthy life and a skinner version of me has officially begun.