Easter - Not so great for my diet

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 04/17/2006 - 12:38pm.

Easter weekend was spent with my boyfriend's family. It really was a great time. Except there was a lot of eating out, buffets... candy, you get the idea. It is frustrating that there are no restaurants that offer small 3 oz courses of meat. It is so hard for me to just stop eating and save half of my meal. So today I am just going to forget about my poor eating habits and start again. (Hmm it feels like everyday I start over again - when can I really start accomplishing my goals and seeing results?) For breakfast this morning I had a slim fast protein shake on my way to work and brought a Zone bar for my mid afternoon snack. I'll be eating a veggie & cottage cheese assortment the office cafeteria makes after a one hour workout... oh yeah - and I'll be weighing in for the week today during my lunch hour also. Hopefully the Easter weekend wasn't as damaging to my weekly goals as I thought it would be.