Tues-Wednesday: Food intake update

Submitted by dietgirl on Thu, 04/20/2006 - 8:34pm.

Tuesday at lunch I went to my boot-camp workout class. I did a really hard legs and butt workout - which I am still sore from 24 hours later. During the long afternoon in the office I was very proud of myself for not snacking. The chocolate shake every morning really helps control my need for candy.

Last night for dinner I had a ham, Swiss & wheat 6" sub from Quiznos with lettuce & tomatoes. It was light and good. Later that night I had about 2 cups of light popcorn while watching TV. My eating habits since Monday have been excellent! This morning I had the chocolate protein shake and a banana. At 11am I guzzled a 8 oz Dasani water and ate my mid-afternoon snack - four reduced fat graham crackers... okay I had six.

For lunch on Wednesday I went to boot camp class and did the boot camp "arms" workout. When I weighed in for lunch I was at 151 lbs ... that means I only have 1 lb more to lose by next Monday! Now I think that is an obtainable goal.

For lunch on Wednesday I made popcorn. I also brought an energy bar snack for the afternoon (since my lunch was not that big today). Tonight I am going to a baseball game... that means pretzels & hot dogs again. I promise to eat only half the pretzel and split the rest with my boyfriend. There really isn't anything I can do about the hot-dog - it's my favorite thing at baseball games. wish me luck.