I can eat ice cream?

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 04/24/2006 - 6:15pm.

Today I weighed-in at 150 lbs! That's incredible because four weeks ago I was four lbs heavier. I am starting to feel really good. This week my eating habits were okay. I have not perfected the ediets.com plan yet, but I think I am adapting to the smaller portion sizes. I did have ice cream on Saturday night - but sticking to my portion size and exercising a few days last week helped the ice cream to not become a thing to bring me down.... I just cannot eat ice cream everyday, even if it's the only thing that I want.

This morning I was traveling, so I had to have a mocha coffee at 6am to wake me up. At 12:30 I had a chocolate protein shake and then at 1:30 pm I had a small sized Asian-chicken salad, left-over's from a meeting somewhere in the office and 1/2 cookie. I also drank a 8oz of water in the in-between times. I would rate my dieting today very poorly as I should not have had the cookie or the mocha - and should have replaced these things with fruit, yogurt - toast, etc... I am looking forward to a nice dinner, but my ediets plan has me dinning at McDonalds. Surprisingly ediets is allowing me to eat a hamburger and a small ice cream cone. AWESOME! this is kind of fun, but really won't be very filling. I'd rather eat two hamburgers and 20 chicken nuggets dipped in BBQ sauce.

I decided to modify this meal to better suit my stomach - 4 nuggets, a side salad & OJ. Delicious!