make it an ediet day

Submitted by dietgirl on Wed, 04/26/2006 - 7:46pm.

Tuesday's diet report:

Breakfast: banana & hot chocolate

Lunch: the "health plate" (from office cafeteria) broccoli, celery, 1/2 cup chicken salad, 1/2 cup cottage cheese, half an orange and 8 oz bottle of water

Dinner: (at a baseball game) one hot dog (no toppings), a small bag of Doritos chips and a water. (no alcohol)
Snacks: 3 hersey kisses!
Workout: I exercised for 1 hour. The work out was with weights, focusing on my legs, butt and abs.

How I am feeling: 
Tuesday I felt great. Really alot of energy and I didn't have any negative cravings - except for giving into the kisses temptation, but I feel like I handeled myself well.

I am starting to feel like maybe I really am starting to lose weight. Sometimes I'll get on the scale, and be down a lb or two, but I know that the weight loss is just because I am not as bloated as normal. I am starting to fit a little better into my work pants... and that is encouraging! I really would like to fit inot my college jeans that I loved. It's getting to be warmer out and I'd love to wear my cropped pants a few times with the ability to sit down in them also!