ediets and chocolate

Submitted by dietgirl on Fri, 04/28/2006 - 4:34pm.

Things have been good on ediets. It has been a positive experience. I don't feel restricted to certain foods only,  and it's a great lifestyle diet... something I can continue to do forever.  I feel very fortunate though that I like veggies and chicken. One thing, I do get to appease my coco-cravings with choclate protein shakes and protein bars (that taste pretty good, although these are both pricey items at the store) . Today I had a chocolate protein shake for breakfast at 8 am. Around 10 am I had a banana and then at 11 am I had a protein bar (chocolate & peanut butter). At noon I went to Atlanta Bread and had a mid-sized smoothie. My calories are a little bit high today - but I've been eating smaller meals at a time with more frequency. I am actually hungry right now. But maybe that is because it's Friday, and things are going a little slow. For my 2:30 snack I am going to have a hard boiled egg. Tonight, I am going out to California Pizza Kitchen. I think I will have the lettuce wraps appetizer and hopefully my boyfriend will be willing to share a healthy pizza (not to much sauce). The big challenge of the day is not to give in to the temptation of buying sour patch kids -- my favorite movie watching snack. I skipped exercising today, because tomorrow I plan to be very, very active. I going to try and R... U... N.... Haven't done it in a while, but am going to try to run to a small school near my house and then back. The rest of the I will be tackling cleaning the house and yard work. Yesterday after work I went shopping so that I am prepared to follow the ediets recipes, etc for the weekend - and no snacks in my house!