ediets - just another Monday

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 05/01/2006 - 6:18pm.

Today I weighed in: 151 lbs.

That means I gained one lb last week. It could be that I am just retaining water, or that I after a good week of dieting I blew it on Chinese food I ate Sunday night. I really ate great this past week. The only thing way off my plan was the Chinese food - I tried to eat the healthy version without the sauce, etc... but I could have eaten to much of it for one sitting.

This is making me feel a little depressed. I'm working out and eating better, but have only lost 3 pounds in 5 weeks. My plan shows that I should have lost 10 lbs by now. How drastically different would things be if this was true. Literally, for every step up; I've taken one step back.

Today in my office gym class they announced that we would be getting our body fat measured. Great. But actually, that is great - because it'll be good to see what condition I am in and continue to strive on getting better.

Even though last week was a bomb - I am in the green. Things are getting better - and I taking positive strides towards living a healthy "slim?" life.