Weighing in- Less muffin top!

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 05/08/2006 - 6:51pm.

Today I was at 150! that means one pound less than last week, but the same weight as the week before. This week I REALLY want to lose two pounds. That would make me feel so accomplished. I am going to run this week for my workouts more than lift. I want to see if the cardio is better at weight-loss than the lifting.

Today's meal plan:

Breakfast - slim fast shake 10 animal crackers

Lunch - half a salad (Asian chicken) and veggie soup

Dinner - McDonalds Q-pounder and a side salad :):):)

My boyfriend said I was looking a little bit thinner around the hips. Actually, he meant that the spot just above my pants line is looking better. I was starting to get "muffin top". You know muffin-top; it's where your tummy fat starts to hang over your pants at your belt line. Sometimes it's because your pants are too tight - but mostly it's because your body is too wiggly and jiggly in that particular area. So I am starting to have less muffin fat. yahoo.

Even though I have just lost a little bit of weight over the course of six weeks, it may be because I am also adding muscle on at the same time... I hope! Last week I got my body fat measured - but I have not calculated the results with the trainer yet. ( too nervous!) Hopefully the results will confirm a minimizing muffin-top.