Confessions of a serial muncher

Submitted by dietgirl on Wed, 05/10/2006 - 7:31pm.

Work has been a mix of distraction, worry and whirl-wind events. Just when the day seems to be going so fast I can't keep up, it slows down to a snails pace and is excruciating slow. I am not sure what that means, but I know it is effecting my diet. I munch when I feel distracted, when I feel worried and when I feel anxious.

Today I ate many, many small meals. I was grazing and I was constantly looking for something to munch on. For breakfast I decided to skip my usual slim fast shake. I stopped at newly opened smoothie shop, to my dismay their shakes tasted like a body builder's whey protein mix. It was disgusting. It was a waste of money. I threw it out. When I got to the office I had a bag of mini Wheat Thins that claimed to have only 100 calories. I then had a Starbucks mocha (it was free from an office event) and half a chocolate muffin (shame on me). For lunch I had 10 short carrot sticks dipped in fat-free ranch, a hard boiled egg and a few "All-Natural Cheetos". A friend in the office discovered the new food - 32 cheetos, only 150 calories! I had about five cheetos - and I feel okay about that. A few minutes ago I downed my slim fast shake that I should have drank this morning. In addition to all this grazing I had two 8 oz bottles of water. So my meals have been random, unorganized and impulsive. The only thing I have not done is overeat on one-single item. Also right now, I am pretty hungry. In two hours I'll be heading over to watch a major league soccer game. I love sporting events, and I love the hot dogs they serve at such events. Hopefully the carrots I ate today will compensate for the sodium rich hot-doggies I eat tonight.