A weekend of "out-to-eats"

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 05/15/2006 - 4:34pm.

Well... only 9 lbs to go and I'll be at my target weight! On one hand that is exciting news and on the other hand - that seems like a very impossible goal.

To report on my weekend eating habits I would rate them as "fair". I didn't over eat - but I ate out a lot.

Friday Night:

  • Dinner - California Pizza Kitchen Cheese & Tomato pizza. (I ate the whole pizza, even though I felt like I was stuffing myself sick... why couldn't I control myself!)


  • Breakfast - A Slim Fast Shake; then it was off to stand in the hot sun for a golf tourney
  • Lunch - At the golf event I had a diet coke and nachos with cheese
  • Snack - Post-tourney we made a much desired Jamba Juice run. I had the Strawberry Nirvana, which was off the more "low-carb" menu. This was about 300 calories
  • Dinner - After an afternoon playing three back-to-back softball games (which was a great workout) My boyfriend and I devoured some fast-food Asian cuisine from Pee Wei, we split the lo mein chicken bowl, Honey-Seared Chicken and some fabulous edamame.

Considering the time spent outdoors, walking, and playing softball - I do not feel as though I ate to bad. Okay, maybe the Asian food was pushing it a little.


  • Brunch - I slept in late, so around noon I had the "guiltless chicken" at a Chili's Restaurant. I wouldn't have felt guilty but I had nachos and cheese on top of it. In total the meal was about 600 to 700 calories. YIKES!
  • Snack - For a small in-between meal I had a piece of toast with peanut butter and honey... and yes, I used more peanut butter and honey than was suggested.
  • Dinner - After struggling with yard work for much of the afternoon I made some Pasta Roni Angel Hair & Herbs, which was only about 200 calories.
  • Snack - Light popcorn, a diet coke, and a bottle of flavored water filled me up during the evening.


  • Breakfast - Back to my Slim Fast shakes!
  • Snack - When I got to the office I was feeling hungry, so I had 20 Wheat Thins and a diet coke
  • Lunch - Baker Bros. South Beach turkey sandwich. It would have been healthy if I hadn't eaten such a dense bread thingy. blah! And since I went out to eat - I did not have time to work-out. Tonight I plan to make up on the this missed workout by cutting the grass and doing some house cleaning.
  • Dinner - Planning on eating solo tonight - so I may have something simple like chicken and broccoli.