The Blah Factor

Submitted by dietgirl on Sun, 05/21/2006 - 3:02pm.

After a certain time has gone by when dieting, things start to get pretty boring. Your tired of eating the same old healthy food. You want to be skinny and healthy - but you also want to indulge and enjoy in things. All you want to do is eat what you can't - because you can't! I call this "blah factor" for dieting. This is a big hump to get over.

This week I have been experiencing the big "blah" about my diet. I am not interested in any of the food choices on It's all the same, and it's all boring. When it comes to eating between meals - I am getting out of control.  My diet is filled with little snacks here and there. The list of "bad snacks" I've been popping include; Skittles, Goldfish crackers, Wheat Thins, animal crackers, and bite-size chocolates. I am eating as if I am not   on a diet - and definitely not in control. To top things off, there has been no exercising of any kind this week. I work, and then come home and either order-in or make a full meal.

So this week I am going to work on breaking down the "blah factor" that's been pushing me back to my old ways.