An ediets "find"

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 05/22/2006 - 4:09pm.

Today, on my quest towards ending the "blah" I have been feeling with my diet, I discovered something new on the website. I clicked on the "view plans" tab on the site and found that I can choose from a multitude of diets.. not just the "Ediets Plan" which I have been on for the past 7 weeks. 

My choice of diets include:

  •® Weight Loss Plan (my current plan - the old calorie watching diet)
  • The Mayo Clinic Plan

  • Glycemic Impact Diet™

  • New Mediterranean Diet™

  • Atkins®

  • Bill Phillips' Eating for Life™

  • Slim-Fast® Optima™ Diet

  • The Blood Type Diet®

  • Perricone Nutritional Face-Lift™  (did they just say facelift?)

  •® Alternative to Jenny Craig*

  • Trim Kids™ 

  • Healthy Living Plans

  • Low-Fat Plan

  • Living With Diabetes Plan

  • Heart Smart Plan

  • Low-Sodium Plan
  • Cholesterol Lowering Plan
  • High-Fiber Plan
  • Hypoglycemia/Low-Sugar Plan
  • Healthy Soy Plan
  • Vegetarian Plan
  • Lactose-Free Plan

All these diets are trackable through, and for each diet they provided a daily meal-to-meal menu.  Plus, I can choose to add on an exercising program as well. But since I am already starting to exercise on my own I will not participate in any of the fitness plans for now.  

And soo... I changed my diet the Glycimic Index diet... I am going to try this out for the next two to three weeks and see how things go. This makes me excited. I will keep you posted to see how I like it in comparison to the ediets diet I was currently on.

This new discovery is great because now I can change things up in a big way for myself... and adjust my diet to see if something new will bring me new results.