Falling off the wagon.

Submitted by dietgirl on Tue, 06/06/2006 - 7:45pm.

Okay, Not doing to good on my "ediet"... at all.

I have eaten fairly healthy - but I just haven't followed my diet. I haven't even weighed-in yet. I know that I haven't lost any weight either. I have fallen way, way off the wagon. The "blah" of dieting hit me and seriously I haven't been following my diet at all the past week.

I was talking with a co-worker today about my diet. It was so embarrassing to say that I just have given up on it. I hate feeling like a failure at something... it's denominational.

I've even given up on my daily work-outs. The only thing that has saved me from going way over with my weight is that my weekend activities have been very outdoorsy. Last weekend I played four softball games (my league was in the championship rounds). This was two full days out in the sun running around, etc. The weekend before I played softball and went on a 9 mile bike ride around a near-by lake.

I will admit - almost everyday I have had some sort of sweets as well, a little cone of ice cream... a little bit of cookie... etc.

I need to get my self under control. Step 1: I am not going to continue with the Glycemic Index diet on my ediet.com program. I think I will change it back to something more realistic for who I am had what I like. (I like choices!)