On a personal note:

Submitted by dietgirl on Sun, 06/11/2006 - 3:40pm.

Sorry readers! Last week I was unable to write about my dieting experience because life was in a whirlwind. A few weeks ago I was offered a new job, which would mean a step-up for me in my career.  After a lot of thought and discussion I took the job. The hardest part was leaving my current team and responsibilities. I loved the people I worked with and loved what I did everyday. Even though it’s exciting to be starting something new, it’s hard to leave people you love seeing everyday and an environment and work rhythm you know so well. 
I spent most of last week organizing things and trying to roll-up all my projects at work, so that I could resign on Friday. This big life change has been a mix of emotions – excitement and also a little bit of sadness.
In regards to my diet, I didn’t really follow any sort of “diet” at all the past week or two. On Friday night, after turning in my computer, building pass, etc- I hopped on a plane to visit my sister on the east coast. While I was there I stepped on her scale and saw that I was up to 152 pounds… again! I am up about 3 lbs since my last weigh in about two weeks ago now.
Ugh! Hopefully this new job will give me the opportunity to get a workout in a few days a week and maybe some structure for eating properly.