My first day on my new job & my 11th week on a diet…

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 06/12/2006 - 3:41pm.

Okay – it’s a little silly that in total summary over the last 11 weeks I have lost only 2 pounds. The most I have lost is 5 pounds, but now that I am back up it’s only two pounds. I am totally determined to change this. 
And today is a great opportunity to rally a new zest for my diet. Today is my first day on the new job.  It was not to stressful, but as all new things, it was a little overwhelming. Diet-wise, I am close to a smoothie café and there is a nice gym in my office. These are two good things! I can have smoothies for lunch – instead of fast food… and I can workout pre-work time or at lunch.

I reconfigured my ediets plan today as well, because I hated all the menu options on the ediets gylcemic index diet offerings. Now I am on the “eating for life” diet menu. I get to eat 6 times a day! Interesting J