me, a rockin rollergirl?

Submitted by dietgirl on Mon, 06/26/2006 - 4:54pm.

I have seriously been thinking about some sort of fun activity I can do that will bring joy and exercise into my life. Heathly lifestyles need excitment and passion inorder to be maintained!  This weekend I looked into getting involved in an alternative exercise program. I contacted my local RollerDerby team and tried to see if I could become a rollergirl! It sounded like such a fun way to exercise and socialize.

I have always loved roller-skating. Growing up, my parents took my me, my sister and a group of our friends roller skating every Sunday afternoon. We were in this skating club where it was only $2 to skate for 2 hours. Not to mention all the evenings and summer's roller skating all over my neighborhood. So, to bring back that love for skating, to express my "punk-rocker" alter-ego, bruch off all the 'corporate' blah and get some good exercise ----  Roller Derby seemed like the perfect sport for me!

So I was so pumped to get started with the sport - Over the weekend I communicated with a team recruiter in my area and she invited me to a Sunday practice meeting. The team meets at least three nights a week for 1 to 2 hours at a time (negative: it is a 45 minute car drive to the practice rink) and not including games, etc. I would spend the first 3 months as "Fresh Meat", trying-out and training to become eligible for a team. This would be my ideal sport if the following "life commitments weren't involved, 1) I just started a new, more demanding job, 2) the rink is 45 minutes away from work and home, 3) I would have to miss one practice a week for GMAT classes I am taking, 4) When I start part-time grad school, I'll have no time for roller-bouts or the chance of getting injured...

WHAA! Dream pursued. Dream defused.

Looks like it's going to be getting harder and harder for me to exercise and have recreation time.