diet plan?

Submitted by dietgirl on Thu, 07/06/2006 - 8:17pm.

I've really been struggling to follow my diet plan this week. I just eat whatever I want to make - and I didn't even print off my meal suggestions to grocery shop/follow. I've got to get better at this!

Today's eating habits:

Breakfast - chocolate Slim fast and a handful of wheat thins

Lunch - A large Baked Potato with cheese, butter, sour cream from Jason's Deli and a diet coke

Snack - Water 8oz

Dinner - A spoonful of Orange Jell-o, a Turkey burger (no bread) and corn, flavored water 8oz. (this would sooo look gross if I threw-up right after eating all this!!!). I was really craving something chocolaty or ice-cream after dinner, but was able to occupy myself with some household projects in order to subdue the temptation - which I am proud to say I accomplished.

Like I have said before, the only way I am really going to loose the fat is if I get out and start exercising - but oh, it' so hard to start doing again!