eDiets Week 5 Day 3 - What Works For Me..Will It Work For You?

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Wed, 04/26/2006 - 1:30pm.

In a previous entry I mentioned that I track my diet and workout progress in an Excel.  This system seems to be working well for me.  Originally, I did not intend to work "offline" on tracking my diet, but I set up the Excel sheet before I found the eDiets plan.  Since I know many of you are watching me as an example on how to lose weight or how NOT to lose weight.  My victories are your victories and my defeats are well...still your victories because you get to learn from them.  With this in mind, I feel a responsibility to you to give a little background on myself and my knowledge of nutrition and exercise.

To start, I was somewhat of an "athlete" in college.  My workout routine ranged from 2-4 hours per day and included weight lifting, running, gymnastics, jump roping, and actual practice of the skills of my sport.  Striving for peak conditioning will teach a person many lessons and I learned my share.  I have taken a basic college nutrition class, read hundreds of articles in magazines and the internet, watched and listened to professional athletes talk about conditioning for my entire life, and tried some crazy conditioning tricks such as the ab flex (the mechanical belt that automatically flexes your abs), the chocolate milk protein supplement plan (it needs an entire blog of it's own), the high caffeine diet (my way was diet coke - note that I have quit drinking soda entirely now after having become addicted to caffeine), protein shakes, multi-vitamins, and even creatine for a few weeks.  In addition, I have tried many different philosophies of working out ranging from running to jump roping to heavy lifting to multiple repitition lifting.  Basically, I have alot of hands on experience in this area. 

While my focus was once more geared around peak athletic performance and maintaining a healthy lifestyle, I am now more focused on just staying healthy to live a long and high quality life, having energy to do great at work and at home, and looking good.  I use athletics as a measuring stick for my progress more than and end goal as before.  I tell you this because sometimes I forget that my readers may or may not know why I make the choices I make such as tracking my workout progress in Excel instead of online, or blending a quasi slim-fast diet plan into my eDiets plan.  I do this because I know the equation of weight loss: Calorie intake - Calorie output = net Fat gain or loss.  Winning the battle with this equation is much more complex.  Keep tuning in and I will let you ride my coat-tails to being slim, trim, and healthy.