eDiets Week 6 Day 1 - Little Carrots - Not To Eat

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Mon, 05/01/2006 - 5:14pm.

It's Monday and I have spent some time thinking about what I can do to reinvigorate my weight loss in a healthy way.  My conclusion is a little off the wall and not directly attributable to the eDiets plan, but I think it all works together in some way.  As you know if you are reading this continuous diet testimony of mine, I spend time writing about my diet plan, my goals, and my workout routine.  Coincidentally or not, when I write about my progress or lack there of, I get more focused and lose more weight.  Some of you may say that I only write when I have something good to talk about - and that may be somewhat true.  However, writing about my diet correlates with me losing more weight, then I have to do it more often. 

So now you are wondering how this helps you in your weight loss agenda and I have a simple answer: find a tool that keeps your health and diet on your mind.  Remember the "Just Say No" program that came out in the 80's in reference to drugs?  Well, I am betting that the reasoning behind that simple message was to give our brains a tool to answer the question of temptation when we encounter it.  My high school band director used to say "if you say it, you do it."  This is because if we have our minds continually spitting out the positive answers that we have conciously decided upon, then we are more likely to follow our own advice.  If you need to join a club with co-workers, wear a wrist band, or write in a journal that you promise to make into a book; anything that will re-inforce the diet on your mind until it becomes second nature, then do it - or as NIKE has taught us in another simple message "JUST DO IT." 

Note: Please disregard such other simple messages such as 1. "Have you had your break today?" and "Be Young, Have Fun, Drink Pepsi."