eDiets Week 7 Day 1 - Rollin...Rollin..Rollin Down The (Weight Loss) River

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Mon, 05/08/2006 - 6:10pm.

This past weekend I didn't do alot, but I did get active on both Saturday and Sunday by walking and riding my bike.  When I woke up this morning I thought that I might have gone back up after a great milestone of hitting my halfway goal last week.  My meals this weekend included such healthy delights as little hotdogs in crecent rolls.  However, I did drink a ton of water and did not eat too large of portions.  Surprisingly, my pre-workout weight today was 174.75 and my post workout weight was 174.5.  This means that I have made it past the halfway mark and I am not going back!

Last week I found myself to be very tired.  I actually ate a little more food to make sure I was getting enough calories to keep active, not get cranky, and tell my body that "I am not starving - don't store fat."  This approach seemed to work well.  Today, I feel refreshed and inspired.