eDiets Week 7 Day 5 - Tired and Holding

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Sat, 05/13/2006 - 12:25am.

I made it through another week, but I limped through the end.  My workout schedule got disrupted a bit and I forgot to weigh in on Friday.  I have also been poor about logging my weight onto the eDiets website to get new plans.  There is a definite lull going on with my diet and my girlfriend seems to be feeling the same way.  Getting to the half way point was so inspiring, but now the second half of my weight loss seems far far away and I am not particularly excited about my workouts right now. 

On a happier note...lets talk about something that is inspiring.  My end goal is to be 167 pounds and then to get a full physical including an underwater body fat test.  This will allow me to decide whether I should lose some more or not, how to change my diet to put on more muscle safely, and make sure I am in good health overall before I do any more changing in general.  I need ideas for my reward for myself when I hit the end weight goal.  My current list includes: 1. a vacation to someplace I have never been before, or 2. a day at the spa with my girlfriend including a massage (you will never guess who suggested this prize to me), or 3. a better idea that one of my loyal readers sends to me.