eDiets Week 9 Day 3 - The Weight Loss Posse To The Rescue!

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Thu, 05/25/2006 - 1:12am.

After my failure over the last week and a half to come close to anything resembling the eDiets plan, I have avoided scales and writing to the Weight Loss Posse (my supporters) in hopes that a little time to refocus might help me climb back on the horse.  At no point did I make a concious effort to come off my diet plan, but other priorities came up and here I am trying to get going again.  I may even break down and call the eDiets help line service to see if they can give me some good advice on how to get motivated now that I have lost most of my positive momentum. 

My energy level is not as high and I am rather irritable when I am failing at something and right now I am both tired and irritated.  Little things have made me get into mini arguments with my family and close friends.  This is the mental side of the diet that I always talk about in my journal.  Being the competitive person that I am, my passion can be my biggest asset or my biggest liability. 

Tomorrow, I am getting back on the horse and doing a cardio workout.  There is a holiday weekend coming up so there could be some more opportunity to screw up or turn it into a big win.  One of my plans for the long weekend is to go to a different area and find a long bike path for my girlfriend and I to ride on.  This will be relaxing, different, and get me some exercise, and I wont have to answer my phone for 2 whole hours if I don't want to. 

Usually, my problem is that I get bored with physical activities that are not competitive (walking) or that I am not very good at (ie swimming).  I have tried tennis, but find myself in between wanting to get serious (and getting stressed) and being bored because my oponent/partner gets lazy and wont hit the ball back consistently.  Basketball is good, but hard to get organized and somewhat high risk of injury if you play often.  Having knee surgery or a sprained ankle is not easy to work around.