eDiets Week 9 Day 4 - The Adult Working Professional With Braces Diet Plan

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Fri, 05/26/2006 - 1:27am.

Since I am totally not in the mood to write about my eDiets plan today, I thought I would give you a little insight into another challenge I am taking on in my life right now: being a working professional in a highly competitive corporate environment while wearing braces.  Yes, I did say braces - like the ones you wear on your teeth. 

This does have some relevancy to my diet plan since I cut out soda, coffee, and tea from my diet not because eDiets suggested it, but because I don't want to stain my "clear" braces (along with the other negative effects of those drinks - like stomach acid and more).  So far, I have only had 1 glass of ice tea since the 3rd week of January - and that was because I requested water at a business lunch and they never delivered it. 

Having braces really does not bother me physically except for the day or two when they tighten them (like they did to me yesterday).  Mentally, it is a little strange for me at work because I sell multi-million dollar transactions to older, sophisticated, Senior level business leaders from large companies.  My face already makes me look young without the braces, but now it's like open season on me with the young jokes.  In fact, I was asked on an airline if I was old enough to sit in the exit row!  The minimum age is 15 for the exit row!  The joke will soon by on those who underestimate me.

My progress so far has been great!  My top teeth are almost completely done moving after only 4 months, but the bottom are going to take awhile and be the most challenging.  The day will be great when I have my braces off and I am in great shape from my eDiets plan.  I think life is about challenges and how we overcome them.  The Weight Loss Posse has my back on my eDiets plan and I think I can stick it out with the braces.