eDiets Week 12 Day 1 - Getting Better or Getting Worse?

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Mon, 06/12/2006 - 1:02pm.

One of my teachers in college always used to say "you are either getting better or you are getting worse."  This is very true in terms of our diet process throughout life.  If you stay the same in terms of weight, athletic ability, ect, but get older, you are inevitably getting worse in terms of health as the process of staying at that level becomes harder and harder as you age.  This is something that I am fighting deep down inside of me as I linger around my halfway point on my weight loss path. 

When I first began my eDiets plan, I felt the competitive edge that comes with something new and exciting.  My mind would be running with thoughts of how good I would look and feel, how my athleticism would improve, and how that would affect all of the other parts of my life.  As I reached for my halfway mark of 175 pounds (8 pounds gone from my initial weight of 183), a sense of satisfaction came over me.  To anyone who has played or watched sports, this is a dangerous time in the competitors process.  As I look back at this, it is totally clear that I have become complacent in following my eDiets plan. 

The tools and suggestions for good meals, the tracking, and the ability to do it are all clear to me, but yet I make bad decisions like having mexican, pizza, chinese, or other things that are bad for me.  Deep down, I know I can do this diet and can "turn it on" when I get something to inspire me to do so.  So far, I have lacked the extra inspiration.  My bank of inspiration took another blow when I learned that a big athletic competition that was in the works to be a historic event and that I was really looking forward to participating in, is not going to happen this year. 

Today, I ask myself, can I do what I set out to do just for the sake of doing what I know is right?