eDiets Week 12 Day 7 - A Standard Day on the eDiets plan

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Sun, 06/18/2006 - 3:54pm.

My standard day on the eDiets plan consists of the following:

Breakfast - Slimfast - I opt out of the eDiets suggested breakfast since I don't have time, but this is the same amount of calories and nutrition generally.

Mid morning snack - 1 piece of fresh fruit (usually and apple, pear, or banana).  Another alternative is one light yogurt cup (50-100 calories).


Lunch - Protein shake for athletes (180-200 Calories, but more protein) or another slim fast.

Mid afternoon snack - another piece of fresh fruit or a yogurt.

Dinner - a suggestion from the eDiets recipe plan.  Portion size is the key here.

Evening snack - Some goldfish, fruit, a low calorie ice-cream bar, or some pretzels.

This plan is manageable, flexible, and has some really good recipes.  The downfall for me is when I am taken out of my controlled environment to have business lunches or dinners, drinks with friends, or a total craving for chinese, mexican, pizza, or chocolate chip cookies. 

Overall, I am close to being able to crack the code on this plan.  To date, I have successfully given up soda, coffee, and tea since early January.  My braces are doing great.  In fact, my top teeth are almost done moving now.  The bottom will be a bit more challenging, but they will be more hidden and I will be much less self confident about having the bottom ones.  Even after going off the path for the last few weeks, I am only 2 pounds more than my lowest weight since starting the plan (175 was my lowest and also my halfway goal - I am at 177 right now).  My optimism is still there.  The summer months are always a good time for my conditioning to improve.  Hopefully, the pattern will help me reach my end goal of 167 by the end of the summer.