eDiets - Week 14 - Day 1 - The Plate Spinner

Submitted by Richat35 Healthyat85 on Mon, 06/26/2006 - 12:56pm.

     Someone once told me a story that I would like to share with the weight loss posse today:

     There is a traveling performer that takes plates and spins them while balancing them on the top of broomstick.  Once he gives it the initial push to spin, he needs to keep the plate level but still move the stick around to keep the plate spinning on top of it.  After he gets one plate spinning, he adds another through the same process.  He must maintain focus on plate #1 and now start up plate #2.  This guy is amazing, so he pulls it off with out a hitch.  Then he goes on to add two broomsticks/plates to each hand and works his way up to 4 plates spinning.  After he get them going, he adds a broomstick that he balances on his forehead.  All this while never losing the other 4 plates spinning atop 4 feet long broomsticks.  As you watch him add each broomstick, the other spinning plates gradually begin to slow down the speed at which the spin and wobble a little.  He moves quickly to add the new plate and then regain focus on his previous spinning plate.  This guy is a genious, so he pulls it off with ease (and a little drama for show).  The end.

This is very similar to what all of face in life every day.  We all have plates spinning in the air whether it is relationships, financial issues, health, activities, or other things that take up our focus.  I have a 5 goal philosophy to life that I try to balance at all times.  I want to be doing the best that I can at:

1. my health

2. my financial well-being

3. my relationships

4. my intellectual growth

5. my passions

If at any time I lose focus on keeping one of those five "plates" spinning, then my entire act will fall apart.  Nobody wants to watch the plate guy dropping them all over the place - not even one.  My biggest issue with this is that I have set very big goals for myself in all 5 areas.  In order to keep them all spinning up to my standards, I need to live differently than other people.  Recently, I have found myself falling into the "normal" path in life - go to work and work hard, come home and eat and watch tv, go to bed.  That part of life is not going away for me anytime soon, so I need to find a way to energize myself to wake up earlier, cut unproductive time, but change my perception of productive "work" time to be more enjoyable so it feels less like "work."  This is the core of the struggle with not only my diet, but with becoming the amazing person I can be.