A New Interpretation of Fast Food

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Thu, 08/10/2006 - 8:41pm.

Day 5

One of the benefits of running around all the time with work, errands, a toddler and an occasional social life is that there is little time to think about food. I mean, I do think about it. While I’m peddling away on the stationary bike with those little individual TV’s at the gym, I mysteriously gravitate toward the food channel. But overall, I believe being flustered and tardy all the time are both useful deterrents.

Today I woke up late and feeling fuzzy which pretty much set the tone for the whole day. I threw myself in the gym and then raced home to get Noah ready for a playgroup in some god-awful part of the city. Let me rephrase that. I had to get him ready for a playgroup that is god awfully far away. I have to cross the city and a bridge just to get there for a two-hour play date, which adds more stress (and commuting) to my life. But it is supposed to be a good school for kids with anxiety and problems relating to other kids so here we are.

Long story short, I microwaved a pancake and sausage breakfast from JC and threw it in the car with a diet coke. The fruit requirement I had taken care of right before my workout (translation: I jammed a banana into my mouth while parking my car at the gym). I know eating food while driving isn’t the safest thing to do but like I said I was strapped for time. The mini pancakes were surprisingly easy to eat. Definitely made to be finger food. I would not recommend eating the sausage patty with your hands. Enough said there. Convenience aside, this breakfast meal tasted pretty good. I was distracted and not concentrating fully on the taste but in my book, it passed when compared to other frozen diet breakfast entrees. I’m sure if I had the time to put it on a plate and put syrup on the pancakes and everything it would have been even better. Either way, I am happy to say that my exercise/ eat all food in the car routine seems to be paying off. I weighed in this morning 4 pounds lighter. Not bad for a week!