Sick, sick and more sick

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Tue, 08/22/2006 - 12:58am.

DAY 21

A few days before starting this diet, I had the feeling things would go wrong. Not a premonition, but more like a deep sense of apprehension or foreboding. I was motivated so I was fairly certain there would be no internal sabotage. No, my downfall would be from some external source. Now I know of what I speak.

For ten days now I have battled the world’s worst (ok, slight exaggeration) upper respiratory infection. This nasty little infection has managed to disrupt, upset and undo all the gains I made in the first few weeks of the JC diet. I tried to keep working out but after almost passing out and discovering a rash all over my body while in the gym shower, I grudgingly decided to slow down and let my body rest. What I thought would be a few days turned into a week and then more. I am now on round two of antibiotics. The doctor is baffled and suggesting an ENT specialist as the next course of action if the Augmentin doesn’t work. I am frustrated, tired of feeling dizzy and congested and deaf.

Initially, I didn’t have much appetite so I wasn’t tempted to go off the diet completely. It was all I could do to force myself to eat the meals which I did dutifully out of fear of losing “sick” weight only to gain it back the next week when my appetite returned. I couldn’t risk that kind of disappointment. But after a few days, even with more of an appetite, I couldn’t manage to stomach all the salads and vegetables required for the JC diet. On a typical day, Jenny Craig suggests two pieces of fruit, salad with lunch, and vegetables at dinner. Usually, this is no problem but even the thought of raw vegetables or steamed broccoli has had me gagging. This is an important factor when choosing a diet. Will the diet be “disease” friendly? Can you stomach the food when you can hardly think about food? Is the diet flexible enough? I can’t help but wonder if being sick would be easier to bear on, say, weight watchers or Atkin’s because you can make your own food choices and there is very little choice with JC.

So, with a heavy heart I took a break from the diet for three days. Naturally the only foods that appealed to me so far have been starchy and sweet. More specifically, cheese fries, nachos, German chocolate cake and shakes. Yup, all the food groups.

Oh, and occasionally all manner of Chinese food. Yea.

I am so angry with myself but even more than this, I am angry at the drug resistant bacteria in my sinuses. Be gone, nasty uber-infection! I want to get back to my life and (I never thought I would say this) my diet. If these antibiotics don’t work, I am strongly considering exorcism next. I’ll let you know how it goes.