Cellulite Fight

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Wed, 10/04/2006 - 3:31am.

Day 61
October 1, 2006

Today I tried on lingerie. Yes, actually tried it on in the store. I didn’t buy it and run home and try it on in my closet. I actually did the store, dressing room lighting and all, and I didn’t throw up or run out crying. This must be a good sign. I’m not saying everything is perfect. My body does not respond to exercise and diet the way it used to. My skin isn’t as elastic in my thirties as it used to be in my twenties and (sniff) my teens. Those tough to tone areas under the arms and lower hips are even tougher to tone . I have realized one important factor, however. Weight loss affects the look of cellulite more than all the weight baring exercise on the planet Earth. I don’t pretend to be an expert and have heard many different theories from total nonprofessionals. All I can say is being toned is great, but the lower the number on the scale the better I look. I will elaborate with a vivid and somewhat gross illustration. It is as if someone wrung out my legs like so much wet laundry. I like to imagine someone is wringing out my fat cells. Everything is just as it was but shrunken.

Is this making any sense?
Is this disgusting to everyone?

This is just my experience and I am sure nutritionists and fitness experts will take issue with this (or maybe not-like I said, no expert). Also, the combination of both diet and exercise don’t seem to give me the same aesthetic result as weight loss alone. I have tried variations of the weight loss and diet theme. I have done cardio and weight machines with no dieting, I have combined the two, etc. My body may be stronger and more fit but it doesn’t show under the fat. Frankly, I don’t look as good to myself. But when I drop pounds, even a few, the thin girl underneath begins to take shape and emerge. That feels better than all the muscle in the world. I hate saying that. I physically feel better and healthier but I don’t feel as happy with my body shape. Just a few pounds make the difference between thick, stocky legs and shapely ones. I tried on a pair of shimmery stretch jeans that used to mock me from the closet where they hung (in front of all the other clothes too!) I actually remember a year ago thinking to myself, “God, was I ever that small?” Well, I tried them on last night and they are just a little too big.

Yes, there are much larger issues looming out in the world right now.
Yes, there are huge events unfolding in my personal life this very week.
But for today I am happy. It is enough.