A Beautiful Day To Be Inside

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Sun, 10/22/2006 - 12:33am.

Day 83
October 21

Today, despite my best efforts, I did not work out. I am cramming for my dissertation defense (sounds like a murder trial) and I spent a beautiful 80-degree Saturday inside a medical library. Yee-haw. Sometimes you have to give up a sunny day for the greater good. As a reward for my efforts, I got a huge amount done and as a bonus I got to use words and phrases like “symptomology,” “clinician administered measures,” and “subscale analyses” about a thousand times. Even so, I got it done. As a protective measure I took a walk all around the park near the Haight Ashbury section of San Francisco and was careful to watch what I ate. I stayed glued to the Jenny Craig plan!

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to find that I weighed a pound and a half less this morning when I hopped on the scale. Ah-ha! You see, you vindictive little JC minion? Your weight can fluctuate from day to day and it didn’t mean that I had gained fat. Sometimes I believe she thinks I gain weight just to spite her. Last night I had a long conversation with a good friend of mine who also happens to be working as a JC counselor on the east coast. She admitted she thought it was ridiculous to weigh in every week and that weighing in biweekly or monthly would be a truer measure of weight loss. Otherwise, it could be almost anything that pushes that number on the scale up and down. Geez, if you just go to the bathroom your weight changes! Either way, I am not happy with the consulting at JC. Not that I have been reticent about my feelings toward the JC staff in the past. I have definitely had my share of undesirable consultants and JC is not being well represented in my neck of the woods. I like a lot of aspects of this diet but I would appreciate a little honesty rather than the usual party line when I tell them it is hard to lose weight. Period. End of discussion. I don’t want to hear that my experience is “unusual” and every other single person on the plan is never hungry. That’s just blatant lying. I’m not a NARC, people. There is no big bust going down. I’m just a woman who is 35 and struggling with the pounds. Just be supportive and admit that no matter what diet plan a person is on, there is no magic formula or combination of foods that makes this process significantly easier.