Lifestyle Changes

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Mon, 11/06/2006 - 7:24pm.

November 6, 2006
Day 99

I cannot believe I have been on this diet for 99 days!
It’s seems crazy to me and really freakin long.

Ok, I have a lot to say about the Jenny Craig holiday tip sheets that I lost last week. Later today I am going to pick up my food from JC and I will grab more tip sheets so I can write about some of the HILARIOUS “tips” they give. Maybe it is just funny to me. But honestly, some of the suggestions for the holidays seem pretty difficult to pull off. Again, maybe it just seems hard to me because I am not committed enough or parts of my life clash with the whole “change of lifestyle” thing that I am trying to implement. Actually, it is probably a bit of both.

I am in a serious relationship with someone who lives three thousand miles away (until November 20th!! Yea!!!). I must admit that the constant travel back and forth, and weekends here and there, are very tough on my JC diet. I start off on the diet and then completely abandon it after a day or two. Then, as soon as my boyfriend is gone, I slip back into diet and exercise mode. Each time has been a little better. The longer he is here the easier it is for me to get up and work out in the morning and stay close to the diet because it feels more like we are living day to day life. The weekend trips were the hardest because, naturally, it feels like we are taking mini vacations and I know I don’t have to tell you about vacation eating…Either way, soon this will cease to be a problem since he is officially moving cross country and moving in on the 20th. I’m hoping that once we have a regular day-to-day life with each other, we will eat accordingly and not feeling like we are trying to live it up every two weeks or so!

This is a problem I hadn’t prepared for. It might be different for other clients who have intact families and no long distance relationships. They know how the family eats and functions and can prepare for that when starting the diet. In my case, I hadn’t counted on it being the issue it is. His food is different from mine and he can afford to eat cupcakes, chocolate, danishes, etc and it doesn’t effect him so much. But if it is in the house, I go crazy and eat all the time. This leads to much IBS pain and messes me up for a week. Naturally, the cycle repeats itself every few weeks. Now that we will be living together, I have to figure out the best way to respect the eating habits of my partner and three year old while also not sabotaging myself in the process! I know this is why I haven’t seen a regular slow loss but instead have bounced up and down in weight. Overall, I have lost about 10 pounds but I keep gaining and losing the last 3-5pounds because of my yo-yo dieting.

With November and December holidays and the home life transition, I suspect it will be a difficult month. But I will put an end to my yo-yoing once and for all, that’s for sure!!