Low Willpower

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Thu, 11/30/2006 - 4:09pm.

Nov 30
Day 121

Today is off to an unfortunate start. I weighed myself after a week of promising I wouldn’t (it wasn’t too bad-up 1 pound) and then proceeded to eat the JC breakfast in addition to a handful of soda crackers and Apple Jacks. It’s like I couldn’t stop myself! I was so ravenous for sugar and salt. There wasn’t any reason for it either. Just out of the blue the hunger came. Also, it is pretty hard to avoid sugary cereal if it is sitting right in front of you when you open the cabinet. I may have to find another place for some of the tasty treats my partner likes so that I am not inundated every time I walk into the kitchen!

That’s pretty much it for the day. There isn’t that much to talk about so far. Although, there are a few side bar issues I would like to mention. First, I have successfully disrobed in public five times! I should probably clarify that. I haven’t taken my clothes off in the supermarket or anything. But when I’m in the locker room, I suck it up and change into my gym clothes without too much trauma. I’m a little proud of that. Second, I am getting really tired of JC food and eating fruit. I am one of those weird people who just prefer vegetables to fruit. Who doesn’t like fruit?! What kind of weirdo am I?? Who knows? It is what it is. Regardless, I’m sick of Jenny food and the recommended two servings of fruit a day. Blech! If I have to eat one more apple…