Topomax and the Ever Changing Blood Chemistry

Submitted by L_ANSARI on Tue, 01/09/2007 - 4:58pm.

January 9, 2007
Day 161

The migraines have continued. I have tried going off anything that might be related to them. The neurologist has prescribed Maxalt for occasional attacks, which works great except in cases where headaches occur more than a few times a week. I have been batting a thousand there. My most recent headache started before Christmas and now has continued 15 days. It is ever present and it is scaring me to death. I can’t sleep until 3:30-4am typically and am up again at 8:45. It’s crazy. I think my fiancé wonders when I will crack. Working out actually helps wake me up but in the morning I am physically running into things, things like doors and walls. He’s also kinda amazed I can function going to bed so late and then getting up earlier. He’s usually a little more wrecked when he goes to sleep at 4am. Either way, now the neurologist has prescribed me prophylactic drugs (Topomax) and warned me against continuing with Jenny Craig. Plus I get an MRI at 8am tomorrow morning. Nothing could be more fun!

This is tough for me because three factors affect my Jenny Craig experience. One is that I may have to enter maintenance sooner than I expected because my doctor doesn’t want me eating the boxed food. The other factor is that my migraines have curbed and straight up completely interrupted my exercise routine some weeks. A third reason is that Topomax is considered to be an appetite suppressant-a factor that can’t be ignored. I will always wonder, was it JC or the Topomax?

My neurologist was very clear that she felt eating boxed food that is unnatural and full of trans fats, partially hydrogenated blah, and a multitude of artificial things cannot be good for someone like me (let alone everyone else). I hate writing that but it is the truth. Everyone knows it, but I have to be the one to say that JC food is not considered “natural living.” It is full of chemicals and things that are considered by medical science to be bad for you but it is packaged nice. I know this. Everyone knows this. What freaks me out is that I walked right up to the counter and said “sign me up!” knowing full well I was willing to overlook the science for the sake of losing 15 pounds. It is much healthier for you to eat regular food and prepare small portions in a healthy way. Topomax is going to be a factor interrupting a clean test of the JC diet program. It can make you feel fuzzy and tired and curbs your will to eat. If that doesn’t convolute the results of the JC diet than I don’t know what does. At least I had 160 great days without migraine medicine to gage how the plan went. Now I may have to tell you how “maintenance” goes!