Sonoma Diet: Trying Something New

Submitted by Richat35 Health... on Tue, 08/08/2006 - 3:24pm.

    It is decided!  I am trying a new diet plan to kick start my enthusiasm to lose the 2nd half of my weight loss goal.  Many of you may have seen my previous blog: "eDiets: Changing My Diet To Fit My Lifestyle."  The eDiets plan worked great and I lost 9 pounds out of my goal of 16 pounds.  My starting weight was 183-184 as a 5' 10.5" athletic guy and I now hover around 175-178 depending on my workout diligence.  

My eDiets adventure lasted about 4 months, but I found myself not using the plan well in the last 6 weeks or so because I was bored and focused on other priorities in my life.  The plan was effective in giving me a kickstart and a framework to change my eating habits for a healthier lifestyle.  Without the plan, I most likely would not be in the good shape I am in right now with the confidence that I can take it another step in get into GREAT shape. 

Deciding to change was easy, but deciding what I needed to change and finding the right diet is the challenging part.  Follow along with my on my quest to get into the best shape of my life while working long hours and doing all the other crazy things that keep me busy.