Sonoma Diet: Making My Plan

Submitted by Richat35 Health... on Mon, 08/14/2006 - 4:11pm.

My girlfriend and I have both signed up for the Sonoma Diet and made our plan, but now we need to go grocery shopping.  Since I can't comment on the effect the Sonoma Diet is having since I haven't given it any time yet, I will share with you what I do know about my plan. 

The diet is 3 waves:

  • 1. 1st 10 days - Overcome the urge for processed sugars and flour products that are quickly absorbed into the blood stream and lead to weight loss.
  • 2. Main segment until I reach my target weight (167 by the way) - this segment continues the process of less process sugars, but focuses on eating slowly and savoring food. 
  • 3. Weight maintenance portion of the diet.  Some snacking and desserts are allowed again, but in moderation.  I can't wait to be at wave 3!

My girlfriend and I are teaming up to act as a continuing support group for our diet goals.  I strongly recommend getting someone to join the diet with you when you start.  If you don't know anyone who wants to do the diet with you, the home page of the plan has a link to sign up for a "diet buddy."