Sonoma Diet: My Menu-Destroyed By The Work Cocktail Hour

Submitted by Richat35 Health... on Fri, 08/18/2006 - 6:50pm.

    While I haven't technically been following the Sonoma Diet this week, I have been reading about it and preparing to hit it hard.  My short term goal is to in shape for an athletic event I have coming up on Sept 2nd, but my long term goal is to learn better eating habits designed around healthy food choices and better portions.  

    In preparation for my athletic event, I have been working out pretty regularly in addition to long hours at the office and studying for the GMAT.  The easiest thing to do when I am overworked and stressed is to start snacking on food that piles up the calories.  In general, I have been avoiding this food pretty well......and then it backfired on me!

    I ate light at lunch and had a couple light, healthy snacks like I always do at mid morning and mid afternoon.  My job requires alot of networking eventswhere the ego and testosterone levels are pretty high.  In order to do my job well, it is pretty much assumed that I have to be able to handle my alcohol because that is how relationships are made and deals are done. 

   It all started with a 5pm, 1 hour "drink" with a business contact of mine that turned into a 2 hour, 2 heavily poured margaritas, and a potential deal in the making (I'm good huh).  Over the 2 hours I only managed to eat a few tortilla chips (not a Sonoma Wave 1 suggestion I might add). 

    After that, I went to my networking event which was open bar as usual (not complaining).  As the cocktail servers kept my glass full and I was focused on networking and selling, I didn't notice that I hadn't eaten anything until I was beyond the buzz and into the "calling a cab to make the 45 minute highway drive home" level. 

Since I needed some time to sober up, I graciously accepted a late dinner invite from a couple of new business contacts and proceeded to the restaurant.  While I had stopped drinking, my body was still absorbing more and more alcohol from a bit earlier.  It wasn't that I drank any more than I could reasonably handle under normal circumstances, but that I didn't eat enough to offset the alcohol.  Basically, this night ended with my head in a toilet, a bruised ego, a diet blown out of wack, and a long treck back downtown to pick up my car the next day.  At least I might get a deal out of the night : )

The moral of the story is to make sure that you eat your assigned meals if you intend to drink or it could get ugly.