Sonoma Diet: Grocery Shopping For Wave 1

Submitted by Richat35 Health... on Sun, 08/20/2006 - 8:04pm.

    I started Wave 1 today by going grocery shopping, excercising hard for an hour, and eating foods suggested by the Sonoma diet plan.  Here is a list of some good Sonoma Wave 1 picks:

Processed Sugar - Out.

Sugar Substitutes - Only allowed 1 packet per day total - so just avoid it and save yourself the trouble.

Meat - Lean is nice.

Veggies - Load up on them.  Fresh veggies are good for you and taste great too.  Use onions, peppers, and other such veggies as flavor enhancers.  Potatoes excluded.

Fruit - Out during Wave 1 (It's only 10 can do it).

Cereal - Only high fiber.  It should be 8 grams of fiber per serving or more.  Remember to avoid the sugar cereals and fruit (tough to find cereals that work).

Oatmeal - Get the non sugar added kind.  Instant is always a good pick so you can take it with you to work.

Cheeze - Lowfat Mozzarella string cheese is ok for a snack.  The other kinds are high in calories, so I would avoid them.

Milk:  Skim

Drinks: Soda = bad, fruit juices = out, water = Great, but avoid it if there fake sugar added to it, sport drinks = no way.

Bread:  Whole grain.  You will start to like this type of bread better after a few days anyways.

Pasta:  Surprisingly, there are some good whole grain pastas.  Try Barilla.

I can handle this when I am at home or in the office for sure.  Trying to avoid the pitfalls of customer meetings will be the tough part.