Day 1- Here we go

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Fri, 04/28/2006 - 5:05pm.

Let me give you a little background of what makes me, well, me.  I am not the dieting type of person.  I have never gone on an official diet.  I have always been the tall, super skinny girl who could eat like a pig, never work out, and not gain weight.  Now before you start hating me, let’s just say that things have changed a bit.  My ways finally caught up with me at 24 years of age.  In just a few months, I went up four sizes!  Maybe it was the stress of wedding planning, graduate school, or starting a new job, but even if I ate smaller portions, the weight just stayed on.  And the weight is only in a particular section:  thighs to belly button.  The rest of me still looks fabulous,  but it’s very hard to ignore all that lumpy cellulite and tummy pooch.

I don’t like change all that much and more importantly, I hate to cook.  I cannot overstate this enough: I absolutely abhore cooking.  Not fun, don’t see the appeal.  If it doesn’t involve a microwave or takes longer than 10 min on the stove, forget it.  My husband makes fun of me for having two basic meals that honestly comprise 90% of all my breakfasts/dinners:  Macaroni & cheese (the red box from Walmart is divine) and Campbell’s Tomato Soup.  Lunch is usually PBJ on wheat.  Why the limited culinary cuisine?  Simple: both are quick, taste great, and easy to prepare. 

So, when I first started to peruse the Sonoma Diet website, I was quite overwhelmed.  While there is a plethora of yummy sounding recipes, some involved quite a bit of preparation.  I quickly found the “quick meals” filter for the recipes.  I think this will come in handy. 

Another daunting realization is that I have almost none of the “Sonoma basics” in my pantry.  Even worse, I have never heard of some of the things on there.  I printed out the shopping list for the week (a nice website feature) and plan to go grocery shopping tonight/tomorrow. 

So, my main goals for the next few weeks are to firm up my thighs and get rid of this horrid belly.  I will no longer experience this painful and awkward verbal exchange (yes, it’s happened twice in the last month):

Nosy stranger to me:  “Oh, when are you due?”

Me: “I’m not pregnant.”