Day 7- Bad apples?

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Tue, 05/02/2006 - 7:01pm.

One part of the Sonoma Diet that I haven’t completely bought into is that in Wave 1, you are not supposed to eat fruit since this has natural sugar.  I know it’s just for the first ten days, but I’m wary of any diet that cuts out an entire food group, especially when it’s fruits!  I understand eliminating processed foods and sugars, but fruit? 
For me, I have the Sonoma Diet suggested breakfast and lunch meals down pat.  I’ve been pretty good about following them, just with little variety.  Dinner is still difficult for me.  Tonight’s pasta with tomatoes resulted from office leftovers.  I think this diet is very difficult to properly follow if you have poor cooking skills like myself.  There are easy recipes on the Sonoma Diet website that even I could cook, but I have to search for these.  Another issue I’ve had with the recipes is the definition of “quick meals.”  This is usually my search criteria, and it does yield delicious options.  However, several of these quick meals call for marinating meat for 1-4 hours.  In my book, that’s not quick.
One thing I really enjoy about the Sonoma Diet is that I’m not counting calories.  It’s all about portion sizes.  I’ve found that by being more conscious of what and when I’m eating, I do eat less.  I realized that in the past, I was snacking not because I was hungry but because I was bored.  With the Sonoma Diet, I still haven’t found myself feeling hungry throughout the day which is a big plus.  I’ve really reduced my snacking, especially at work.  If I find myself heading to the fridge, I stop and ask, “Am I really hungry right now?”  Usually I’m not.  Also, I’ve maintained my one Dr. Pepper per day commitment so that is some progress.  It’s actually not as hard as I thought. 

Breakfast: 2 eggs, Dr. Pepper

Lunch: Salad, Water

Dinner: Pasta with sun-dried tomatoes, Water