Day 10- Emotional Eating

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Fri, 05/05/2006 - 6:10pm.

Yesterday was crazy.  I’m discovering how my emotions can greatly regulate my appetite.  For me, I lose my appetite when I’m stressed or receive shocking news.  I tend to snack when I’m bored.  The Sonoma Diet addresses snacking and taking time to savor your food, but I haven’t found where it directly addresses the emotional side of eating.

Yesterday morning, I realized I hadn’t eaten since the previous afternoon because I had been very busy.  I was too busy to notice I had skipped dinner.  The weird thing was that I had no appetite.  I knew I really should eat something even if I wasn’t hungry so I ate an orange mid-morning even though I’m not supposed to have fruit right now on my Sonoma Diet.  I figured that it was at least a healthier choice than the other snack foods in our office kitchen. 

I was having a very busy day and decided to take a late lunch.  I then find out that my boss suddenly resigned.  While I’m very happy for her, I was very sad and somewhat worried about my own job security.  I tried to focus on work for the rest of the afternoon, but I was still in shock.  The surprising thing was that I wasn’t hungry.  We ended up going on to a Mexican restaurant for dinner.  I still didn’t eat much, but did have chips/salsa and quesadillas.  As you can see, with my meetings and this shocking news, I strayed from my suggested meals. 

My emotions are still out of whack today.   I did force myself to eat breakfast, but I ate very little.  We had her going away lunch today at a sushi restaurant.   I did limit my portion size somewhat by passing on appetizers and actually decreasing the amount of sushi I ordered.  I have tried to focus on this diet, but my attentions are elsewhere at the moment.

Breakfast:  Mac & Cheese, Water

Lunch: Sushi, Water, Dr. Pepper

Dinner: ??