Day 13- Am I ready to move to the next stage?

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Mon, 05/08/2006 - 6:48pm.

According to the Sonoma Diet website and email blasts, I have successfully completed Wave 1.  I should be noticing significant weight loss and no longer desire sugar.  I don’t feel as if I’m really out of Wave 1 based upon my real-world eating habits.  I have noticed that overall (but not completely), I have better eating habits, and I still have managed to have only one Dr. Pepper per day.  For lunch today, I went out with my coworker and ordered a house salad with a light dressing.  I was proud of myself for being healthy.  After a few bites, I saw a small, shriveled fly on the lettuce leaf.  Yuck.  This killed any appetite I had.  I ended up snacking on Goldfish the rest of the day (one cup worth).  I felt dumb- how could a little fly could deter me so much?!

We did finally purchase a scale this weekend.  My problem with this is its accuracy, and this wasn’t a cheap scale.  In a few hours, I “lost” 3 lbs.  How do I report that weight change if my weight fluctuates like this? 
 I haven’t had fast food this entire time nor have I had a desire for it.  I did admit my one slip of everything fried at the restaurant.  I did feel very gross afterwards and haven’t had fried food since.  My biggest problem is still eating foods that are conveniently in my pantry.  These are just easier, tastier, and cheaper than purchasing food each week or even at lunch .  My husband and I did bake chicken this weekend, though it was slathered in BBQ sauce.  We also went to our local baseball game, which meant half a hot dog and chips/dip- again not so great.  I’m pretty good at following the suggested meals during the week, but seem to pig out on the weekends.  I do eat smaller portions, but I eat unhealthy foods.  I’m trying, but it still seems like a mountain ahead of me.
 Breakfast:  Mac & Cheese, Dr. Pepper

Lunch: 3 bites of salad- found a fly in it, Water

Snack: Water

Dinner: Tomato Soup & Cheese Toast, Water