Day 20- Dancing away the belly

Submitted by BaylorBlondie on Mon, 05/15/2006 - 7:30pm.

What a weekend!  We went to see our friend graduate college and had two meals at my favorite Mexican restaurant with chips/salsa & my all-time favorite queso.  Let’s also throw in cheese pizza for lunch.  I feel like I need to step up my salad intake to make up for this weekend.  I did limit my chip/salsa intake like I said I would, but all the meals did set me back.  I honestly didn’t even look at my suggested Sonoma Diet meals for this weekend since I knew we would be out of town for graduation dinners.  I will get back on track today with healthier eating habits.

I did take one baby step towards incorporating more exercise into my daily routine.  I signed up for a four week bellydancing class at a local studio.  I have practiced with a bellydancing video at home before just for only 30 min, and it is a great workout that targets my mid-section.  This is something fun that I’m more likely to stick with plus I think my husband will enjoy it as well.  I’m very excited about this class.
Breakfast: Mac & Cheese, Dr. Pepper

Lunch: Garden Salad with Basalmic Vinagrette

Dinner: Tomato Soup